Walk around the Hill Stations in India

It is often said that higher the elevation, higher are the expectations from the visitors. True in every sense, hill stations in India provide a perfect opportunity for visitors to explore the magnificent Indian culture in a very unique way. Some famous hill stations in India are core to popular tours and holidays like Kullu Manali tour packages, Ooty vacations, Shimla tour packages or the famous Nainital retreat.

For people who feel that India is full of people, hill stations are a fresh breath of relief. With a warm tourist friendly local populace, hill stations in India command a respectable amount of foreign tourists apart from a decent influx of Indian visitors.Mahabaleshwar is a most visited hill station in india.It is situated 265 km from mumbai to mahabaleshwar taxi.

You can get a map of the hill station you are visiting and then with some briefing, you can venture to walk around, to experience the culture for a close distance. This is the best way to understand the way of life here which is not very different from metropolitan cities of India, but still has some aspect of variation.

Hill stations in India offer a relaxing and pleasant climate with modern recreational facilities like para-gliding, golf and various adventure filled excursions. Pretty souvenirs and other handmade artifacts can be bought at throw away prices. Buying some of these is recommended as a way to take a little part of India with you. Like other cities, even hill stations in India have a nice set of shrines which provide an inset into the story of India.

Old buildings, architectural monuments and local customs form a nice way of exploring India. One other fascinating aspect of hill stations in India is when you get waved by small smiling children. This is one experience which makes India and its hill stations special. In addition, many Hill Stations in India get white blanket of snow during winters.

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